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Safe Direction® Composite Armor Dry-fire Boards provide a full square foot of portable ballistic protection against the immediate aftermath of an unintentional firearm discharge.  Use for firearm maintenance, dry-fire practice and safety training. Our boards mount easily to a wall or use our optional heavy-duty desktop stand and set your Dry-fire Armor Board anywhere there's a level surface. Recommended use requires the shooter to maintain the focus of the muzzle with the inner oval of the distinctive Safe Direction® emblem.

Item 7-CAB-R Use For Rifle use only. To protect during dryfire, loading, unloading, and maintenance Muzzle contact Direct muzzle contact is not required. Use of wire muzzle support is required for optimal ballistic protection Ballistic Containment.

Rated for Rifle Ammunition Only. Standard rifle cartridges up to 7.62 150 gr. FMJ @ 2750 fps; 5.56 M855 62 gr. Green Tip @ 3080 fps; and 5.56mm 55gr. FMJ @ 3250 fps. As per UL® 7 and NIJ-III standards. Handgun ammunition may not reliably be completely absorbed and contained The use of Armor Piercing (AP), steel core or hardend type bullet voids all claims and warranties.

Warranty 10 years to contain a single unintentionally discharged standard duty cartridge.

Overall size 12" x 12 " Weight 18 lbs. Ballistic Containment surface area 12" x 12 " Outer cover 1000 denier Cordura®

Special features 2 heavy duty brass grommets 3/16" formed wire muzzle support (electrostatic powder coated).

Clean the outside of the Safe Direction ® case with a lightly dampened cloth only.

Restrictions Do not immerse in water, detergents, solvents, or oils.

Replace immediately after initial ballistic deployment. Multiple ballistic use voids all warranties stated or implied. Tested and warranted for a single ballistic containment deployment.

Must be wall mounted or securely hung from a vertical surface or use the optional stand. Point of aim Directly at the Safe Direction emblem for warranty and optimal ballistic protection.