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Mag Cinch Review

Letter from: SPC Daniel V. Chapman, Cco 2/187 INF Afghanistan
"Despite the beating your MagCinch took, it performed flawlessly..."

"Your fine system helped me in battle against Al-Queda forces and allowed me to reload much faster than my enemy."

"I only wish that I had all my mags equipped with the MagCinch."
Mildot Master Review

Reviewed by: Kent W. Gooch, CWO2, USMC (ret)
"It was actually faster than a calculator was and I was able to do multiple calculations using different dimensions of the same target much faster than with a calculator."

"As an instructor I find that the Mildot Master simplifies the process when teaching the use of mil dots for acquiring distances to targets."
"Quick-Cuff" Sniper Sling Review

Reviewed by: Kent W. Gooch, CWO2, USMC (ret) 
"The cuff is positioned high on the arm, above the biceps, to reduce the likelihood of pulse beat being transferred to the rifle and to form a good triangle shaped support with the lower and upper arm."

"Another feature of the sling is its ability to also be configured for use as a hasty sling and a standard single strap rifle sling. "

"The Quick Cuff isn't merely a shooting aid; it's also a functional carrying sling."
Rouge M14 "Juggernaut" Chassis Review

Reviewed by:
"What we found most surprising about the Rogue was how stable and well designed the system is made. This is no cool tricked out toy… "

"What the Rogue really does is give you a .308 caliber weapon with a full 16″ barrel and the velocity that goes with that, in a package the size of the tiniest SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)."
Spartan Blades - Akribis - Folding Knife Review

Reviewed by: Jon Cinipe on
"...the Akribis is hand-fitted and assembled in their workshop in NC."

"The Akribis is large enough for tough chores but is not too big for everyday carry."
StoveTec Review
Reviewed by: Pat Cascio (SurvivalBlog's Field
Gear Editor)
"If you are serious about long-term survival, under harsh conditions, then you need to take a serious look at the Stove Tec rocket stove..."

"With the Stove Tec rocket stove, having enough fuel isn't a problem - especially when it burns all manner of fuel."

"The stove top surface - it's double thick cast iron, with six pot supports - you're not gonna have to worry about this part of the stove failing you."
Tac-Vest 1A Rifle Review

Reviewed and Abused by: Sarge, Sniper Country

"Built on a heavy nylon mesh with 1000 denier Cordura nylon...this system is almost impossible to tear up."

"...each pouch has a tensioning system to give positive holding of the contents."

"Abuse - well let's see, I've crawled, knelt, sat and gone prone in dirt, sand, gravel, weeds, prairie grass and just about anything else that the desert southwest terrain could throw at you..."
Quick Release Tac-Sling Review

Reviewed by: Sarge, Sniper Country
"...if you are looking for a tactical sling for your #2 or observer this is it!"

"The most interesting feature is a quick release allowing you to get out of the sling quickly, or if necessary actually drop the weapon for those up close and personal hands-on situations!"

"This sling is so comfortable you can "almost" forget you're wearing it."
Tactical Knee Pads Review

Reviewed and Abused by: Sarge, Sniper Country
"Kneepads are a necessity when doing any position work requiring you to go to your knees."

"Did I abuse these kneepads? You betcha! Could I tear them up? Not even!"

"...they where actually comfortable enough that I'd forget I was wearing them!"