Ares - Fighter / Combat Utility

Price: $328.00
Date Added: 09/06/2012 by Michael A.

Lightweight with a comfortable grip this knife just feels so natural in your hand. I love it and am glad that I purchased it.

Enyo - Inside Waist Band / Neck Knife EDC

Price: $150.00
Date Added: 07/31/2012 by Daniel G.

I purchased the Enyo in February of this year and have carried it everyday since then whether I'm in uniform or civilian clothes. It fits comfortably in my waist band and is easy to access anytime I need to get to it. I use it everyday for whatever I need to cut anything. I will be deploying to Afghanistan in a few months and it will definitely be on my packing list. Thank you guys for an amazing knife.

Spartan Harsey Model II

Price: $425.00
Date Added: 07/19/2012 by Steven C.

The Spartan, Harsey Model II bridges the gap between several high end knives. The handle on the Model II is very comfortable in hand and the blade design is perfect for a SERE, Utility and fighting knife. It came to me razor sharp and the nylon molle sheath is of very high quality. The knife stays put in the sheath as it should. There is just too much to say about this knife. I would recommend it as an addition to anyone’s kit. HOOAH SPARTAN!

Phrike - Self-Defense / Utility

Price: $250.00
Date Added: 06/28/2012 by Cruz H.

It is obvious that the Phrike was designed with considerable thought by men who have the knowledge to create a knife that feels like it was custom made to perfectly fit in one’s hand. The Phrike is thin and lightweight with a clean appearance, yet it still provides a firm grip. The size supports a multitude of tasks from tactical, hunting, bush craft, self-defense to simple everyday use. The quality is obvious during use. The kydex sheath complements the thin design and is easy to carry. This has become hands down my favorite knife. It is a must have for someone looking for one blade to accomplish multiple tasks.

Spartan Harsey Hunter - Combat, Utility, Survival

Price: $495.00
Date Added: 12/13/2011 by Marvin G.

The Spartan Harsey Hunter is one of the finest knives I've ever owned and had the pleasure of using. The edge retention is excellent. I've cleaned several deer with it this year and the only maintenance done was to clean the fat off the blade and a couple of strokes on the steel and it's razor sharp. My trusted Randall is now in the vault. I have both Spartan Harsey knives, what's next ???

Horkos - Combat / Utility Knife

Price: $328.00
Date Added: 07/15/2010 by Mykel H.

I went on a survival mission with my Wife for 5 days in some of the most serious jungle I've ever seen. We lived off the land with absolutely nothing but the clothes on our back and our knives. The knives we had was the Harsey Model 1, with me and the Horkos with Ruth. We used the knives to get food, water, fire and make 3 different
shel-ters- a debris hut, a jungle vine hammock and a bamboo lean-to. The knives' performance was outstanding!

Our crew actually had a machete break on them but our knives saw us through. They have the weight and strength we needed as well as the comfort for lots of practical use. The knives kept their edge the entire time, after heavy chopping everyday, this is crucial in survival. I can honestly say that these blades are among the best and as good as they come. A strong salute out to Spartan Blades and their quality design and craftsmanship!

Mykel Hawke sends
CPT, SF (Ret.)

Nyx - Combat / Utility / Survival

Price: $328.00
Date Added: 04/29/2011 by Michael P.

I purchased the Nyx about 8 months ago, and it is the blade that I know will never fail me and it stays with my pack at all times. In my opinion, the weight of the blade and fit in the hand is just perfect, and the blade itself is razor sharp and stays that way. I use this heavily outdoors, for both minor and major jobs as it is versatile enough to handle pretty much anything. Once you have one of these Spartan Blades in your hand it becomes very apparent that the creators are not only experienced in blade work and know exactly what they are doing, but you also get a better understanding of their motto "knives with intent". Hold one and you'll see that it does not take a genius to figure out how serious of a blade the Nyx is, or any Spartan Blade for that matter. If you happen to be unsure about picking one up or you are just unfamiliar with what real knives are, then go look up S30V Steel and understand why hardcore warriors, survivalist, and outdoorsman would trust this knife or any other Spartan with their life, as I would too.