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U.S. Tactical Supply Inc.

1910 E. Seltice Way

Post Falls, ID  83854


Hans Coon

a month ago

Great service and selection, they have what you want so be prepared to pay its value. Basically a mans version of a high end boutique.


Jody Draper

2 months ago

You can find stuff here you can't get other places. Realy cool stuff. Great gift options.


Tyson King

4 months ago

Don't go here if you want cheap firearm related accessories because you won't find it. Quality accessories that are made to last. Buy once, cry once is a good way to think of this place.

Knowledgeable staff and are always helpful and attentive.


Ron Bennett

3 weeks ago

Great people and quality equipment


Lee White

a month ago

Love this place


Brandon Adams

4 years ago

These guys are primarily a Web-store, but I have been to their physical store location many times (Albany, OR). They are helpful and their pricing is competitive with most other retailers. What I REALLY like about this place is that they don't keep any junk products. Everything in the store is well made and G2G. They know what products are worth it, and they don't screw around with crappy ChiCom stuff.


Daniel Tarver

4 years ago

They usually have what you need or can get it. They carry the nice stuff.. You want eotech and trijicon they got it. They also have a nice supply of magpul. With the money and every time I have been in there the guys have been decently knowledgeable but always nice.



 “I received the Malice pack today. very quick delivery! Thank you very much for putting up with my address changes. The ruck sack is awesome, lots of room (I go out on mission for a month at a time, so I need all the extra cargo space I can get, its durable (obviously), and its in ACU so I match my pack. Thank  you very much from Afghanistan.”


“Again, many thanks for your prompt & courteous reply.  I will keep that in mind for future orders with your fine company for small items. …I really appreciate your kindness and professional responsiveness.  Would that more companies on the Internet (where I do most of my business) were even close to the level at which you folks operate!  Please pass along my response(s) to your management, y'all do a great job!!!  Very best, have a great day as well.”


"Thanks again for the quick response. In my two dealings with your company, your customer service has been stellar."


"Thank you for your support. Too bad the Army supply system doesn't give us the kind of support that your company does. Keep up the excellent work. We'll be spreading the word about your services with our soldiers."


"Your Tactical Sling is amazing…It makes carrying a weapon for long distances like wearing a freakin' shirt, and it's always right there when you need it."

“Item received yesterday : Fast and Perfect !”


"I received my order today. Thank you very much for the fast service."


"I'd like to take the time to let you know that the modular 2 piece chest harness is the heat! I've worn a lot of kit in my time, but this is the most comfortable rig I've worn and the most versatile. I can go from no body armor to body armor with just a quick adjustment. The pouches can be adjusted so they don't interfere with climbing in and over obstacles. It fits well with the camel back system and most importantly, my mission at this time consists of moving from vehicle seat to patrolling on foot and I have no trouble wearing the rig and driving!"


"Keep up the good work. You've won yourself a loyal customer!"

"Great products and knowledgeable customer service. Thanks Again!"