Modular M203 System

Stand-Alone Grenade Launcher
M203 & M203A1 40mm Grenade Launcher (Government issued) "STAND-ALONE". Compact and lightweight with an extendable, foldable stock that also can be transformed into a pistol style mount without the use of tools. Allows for use of different sighting systems.
  • Virtually any rifle or sub-gun can be equipped with a M203PI Quick-Connect Mount allowing the M203 Grenade Launcher Module to be snapped on and off as easily as changing magazines.
  • One M203PI Grenade Launcher Modular can be shared by grenadiers carrying different rifles and exchanged as needed; cross-training and tactical operations are not limited by hardware.
  • There is no need for dedicated grenadiers. Any team member can have multiple functions for maximum operational flexibility and safety.
  • Cost effective: One M203PI EGLM can work as a shoulder-fired launcher and a rifle-mounted launcher.
  • The M203PI EGLM can be used with the Tactical Mount - a lightweight, folding-stock pistol unit allowing for compact carrying and tactical flexibility.

LE/Military Only! 
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