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Federal regulations restrict the sale of automatic knives to anyone other than Military or Law-Enforcement personnel with proof of photo identification or an email from Military/Government address. There are exceptions for those that live in the state of *Oregon.

*If you live in the state of Oregon, please call us for instructions on how to send your photo I.D. or simply fax it to: (541) 791-2965. The knife will only be shipped to an Oregon address upon the processing of an approved Oregon resident web order.

The items in this section cannot be exported from the United States of America.
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Mark 4 Base Torque Wrench
Item Number: LEU 48701
Your Price: $249.99
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Leupold Torx Screw Kit
Item Number: LEU 52395
Your Price: $69.99
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Inner City Defense Pencil
Item Number:
Your Price: $34.95
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