Aimpoint: Replacement Battery Caps / Straps

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Battery Cap (10631)

  • Battery cap with O-ring and sealing.
  • Fits Aimpoint® 9000 series, ACO, PRO, CompC3, CompM2, CompML2, CompM3 and CompML3 sight models produced 2015 and after, models produced before have the battery cap with Item No. 10634
  • Also fits all no longer manufactured Aimpoint® CompC and 7000 series sight models

Battery Cap (10634)

  • Replacement kit with O-ring and sealing.
  • Fits Aimpoint® PRO, CompM3, CompML3, CompM2 and CompML2 sights produced before 2015

Battery Cap Strap (11580)

  • Replacement strap.
  • For Aimpoint® MPS3 and CompM4/M4s series of sights

Battery Cap - Aimpoint Micro Sights (12102)

  • Replacement kit with battery cap, O-ring and damper.
  • Fits Aimpoint® Micro H-2, Micro H-1, Micro S-1, Micro T-2 and Micro T-1 sights

Battery Cap and Strap (12221)

  • Replacement kit with battery cap and strap.
  • Fits Aimpoint® CompM4 and CompM4s sights

Battery Cap - Aimpoint Hunter Series (12903)

  • Replacement kit with battery cap, O-ring and damper
  • Fits all Aimpoint® Hunter series sight models, H30S, H30L, H34S and H34L

Battery Cap - Aimpoint CompM5 / M5b / M5s (200425)

  • Replacement kit with battery cap, O-ring and sealing.
  • Fits Aimpoint® CompM5, CompM5b and CompM5s sights