Smoke Grenades: WP40

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Enola Gaye smoke grenades are the most advanced smoke grenades to date. Developed around a military grade ignition system the WP40 is simple yet effective and produces a large volume of smoke for approximately 90-120 seconds. The WP40 smoke grenade is ideal for paintball and airsoft games. The WP40 is available in 8 different colors: black, green, white, purple, blue, yellow, red, and orange.


  • Smoke time 90-120 seconds
  • Ideal for paintball and airsoft scenario games
  • Customizable colors
  • Water resistant
  • Produces a large volume of smoke


Customizable in Color Yes (black, green, white, purple, blue, yellow, red, and orange)
Ignition Type Wire Pull
Fuse Delay 2 seconds
Duration 90-120 seconds
Burn Type Cool
Cloud Density 8/10**
Smoke Expel Speed 7/10**
Water Resistant Yes
Approved Use Paintball, Airsoft, Film, TV, Photography
Model WP40
Manufacture Enola Gaye
Height No
Weight No
Warranty None
Sku 597-405