Item Number: WX 491
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Having worked closely with the 82nd and 101st ABN Wiley X are experts in designing functional goggles for all ABN conditions. The new CQC goggle is an excellent jump goggle. It's streamlined design cuts through the wind and fits the face closely and tightly.

Whether you need protection for urbane warfare land warfare sun dust wind or snow this goggle has it all. The few ballistic goggle designs that are even on the market right now are large uncomfortable one dimensional and cumbersome. Their straps have to be worn over the top of a soldier's helmet and never give a good seal on an individuals face. When questioned all services stated they wanted a more streamlined goggle that was more comfortable and didn't sit so far away from the face. Traditional goggles often give the wearer tunnel vision. Our CQC goggle can be worn with its strap under the helmet which greatly improves fit and comfort. This also improves vision as the goggle is designed to sit very close to the face. The CQC goggle (along with our SG-1 design) can even be worn with night vision.

Traditional protective goggles use foam that breaks down over a short amount of time. Some don't use foam at all and have opted for a rubber ridge to pad the users face. This rubber type of ridge gets slippery when the wearer sweats and becomes very uncomfortable over a period of time. The CQC goggle uses Wiley X's exclusive "Ultra Foam" seal which is far more durable than traditional foam and much more comfortable than the rubber ridge used by competitors.

The CQC goggle comes equipped with 2 sets (smoke green / clear) of ballistic polycarbonate. Each lens is 2.5mm thick and clear coated with our proprietary anti-fog solution giving the user perfect unobstructed vision. Add our silicone scratch resistant coating and you have the best optical quality ballistic lenses available.

The new CQC goggle is also modular. It converts from a ballistic goggle into a set of fully functional eyewear with just a push of a button. Now when a soldier is in his or her down time they can attach the temples and wear the product as a sunglass providing 100% Ultra Violet protection.

For added protection the CQC goggle has protective side shields that can be attached in either sunglass or goggle form. This gives the user extra peripheral and temporal protection not offered in any other goggle design.

Our CQC goggle comes with two sets of ballistic anti-fog lenses (smoke green clear) temples elastic strap and soft case for storage.