Weapon Sight Polarizer

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For active Law Enforcement and Military sale ONLY!

The Problem:
Glare and reflections from glass surfaces such as windows and windshields can seriously degrade your view. In MOUT operations, surface glare can prevent the identification and targeting of snipers. In hostage situations, glare can make it
impossible to differentiate between hostage and hostage taker.
The Solution: A correctly oriented polarizing filter will block glare. This is so because most of the light rays that cause reflected
glare are polarized, that is, they vibrate in one plane. A polarizing filter acts like a screen. When rotated so that it is aligned
across a polarized light ray's axis of vibration, it blocks that ray, giving you a clearer view through the surface behind.
A filter mounted on the front of a scope can change your point of impact by slightly shifting the image you see. Our patented
Weapon Sight Polarizer is a rugged, field-practical unit that mounts a rotating polarizing filter at the rear of the scope, where it
will not affect point of impact. The filter easily flips out of the way when it is not needed.

Dimensions: barrel o.d.       1.9” (48mm)
                     overall length   1.8” (46mm)
                     length increase .82” (21mm)
Weight: Each 1.3 oz. (37g)
Housing Material: Santoprene
Filter Material: Glass linear polarizer
Temp. Range: +160 to -60 F
                       + 71 to -51 C
% Light Loss: Approximately 1 2/3 f. stop
Blow off grit and then clean filter with standard lens tissue

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Model LSU fits: Schmidt & Bender 50mm, Unertl Tactical, Kahles (30mm tube), Springfield Armory (with tape wrap), Zeiss Conquest, Trijicon TR21 and TR20,
Nightforce scopes with a 43mm and larger eyepiece/ocular, Leupold Mk 4 FIXED Power (NOT Variable) rifles scopes, Leupold Mark 4 12-40x60mm Tactical Spotting Scope

Model STZ fits:
Leupold Tactical Zooms / Variable Power MK4’s, Leupold Illuminated reticle scopes, Schmidt & Bender 40mm,
Zeiss (non-Conquest) with 39mm Ø eyepieces, Nightforce with 38-42mm eyepiece/ocular
Special Note for NightForce Scopes, The Model used will vary depending on the size of your scopes Eyepiece/ocular:
For eyepiece/ocular of 38mm-42 mm use the STZ model
For eyepiece/ocular of 43mm and larger use the LSU model.