VLTOR: CASV-14 M14/M1A Rail System

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In response to the market demand for an extended and lighter cluster rail, VLTOR released the CASV-14 M14 Rail System. This improved rail system for the M1A/M14 is lighter, slimmer and more versatile for the end user. This rail is only produced in the highly requested “extended length”, which extends all the way back to the stripper clip guide.


  • Manufactured out of Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Semi free-float handguard (from the OpRod forward, the handguard does not contact the barrel)
  • Multiple mounting points for Picatinny rails
  • Ambidextrous mounting points in two locations which accept QDS Sling Swivels
  • Is compatible with most all GI Spec wood and fiberglass stocks with the exception of the Archangel stock system.

  • Weight: 13.5oz
  • Overall length of rail: 17 inches
  • Overall length of handguard chassis: 12.750 inches
  • Width at rear of handguard: 1.90 inches
  • Width at front of handguard: 1.65 inches
  • Mounting points (3): Stripper Clip Guide, rear of barrel, and around the Operation Rod (OpRod) guide


CASV-14  at a glance:

Construction Aircraft aluminum alloy, steel mounting hardware.
Colors Black, Tan (FDE), Green (FG)
Weight 13.5 oz
Overall length (Rail) 17 inches
Overall length (Handguard Chassis) 12.750 inches
Width (rear of handguard) 1.900 inches
Width (front of handguard) 1.650 inches
Mounting Points
Three (3): Stripper Clip Guide, rear of barrel and arount the Operation Rod (OpRod) Guide.
M14/M1As it will fit
Most platforms, except for some heavy barrel systems, including National Match, M21 and M25 systems. Standard Milspec barrel configurations only.
Additional Notes
Will not interfere with any Milspec (Wood or Fiberglass) or aftermarket butstock assembly.
Additional Features
Two (2) quick detachable sling mounting holes. Multiple mounting points for Picatinny rail sections.
Top Rail
Picatinny rail grooved to access iron sight picture.