Adventure Lights: VIPIR Signal Light: Quantum FX Chameleon

Item Number: ALI 02610-0
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The Quantum FX represents the pinnacle of our use controlled and field programmable lights. This light series is our flagship product line and gives the user control of up to four light spectrums (including IR) and the ability to field program both the light signatures of each color and their respective intensity. To top up the feature set, preprogrammed sensors are built into the light to activate specific instruction sets when triggered remotely by IR, Laser, or RF signals. This last feature has a multitude of uses, IFF and fratricide reduction being one of the most important. The Chameleon like its namesake features the ability to both adapt and interact with its environment.

This Nine (9) LED light features the flash mode of both the Navy Special Warfare and Government Agent models in both IR and Green Light. There is also
a steady on IR, Green, and White illuminator mode.

The IR, Green and White illuminator modes are field programmable and have the Mockingbird feature that wild copy any IR light source pattern that is put in front of it. The Mockingbird feature can be programmed with a simple pocket IR light, with nother VIP or any other IR light source.

The light intensity is also field programmable. IR, Green, and White can be programmed individually or as a group to either low, medium, high and super-bright intensities. The user can now control the light for optimum performance in different night environments.

The Quantum FX Chameleon includes built in sensors that will automatically switch the light to emit a preprogrammed signal if it senses a targeting Lazer, lluminator, or other high output IR light source. This Bidirectional Light Communication feature is always active when switched but can be turned off by the user if needed.

The light utilizes our exclusive Reverse Polarity Program Switching to give the user access to seven (7)preprogrammed light signatures with up to four different colors. Once the battery is flipped the user has access to the programming features of the light. Programming includes sever (7) different features including changing light signatures, light intensities and friend or foe identification.

With the ability to rapidly change colors, intensities and to interact with its environment the light has earned its nickname The Chameleon.

This item or some of it's components cannot be exported from the United States of America.