Adventure Lights: VIPIR Signal Light: GEN 4 Mockingbird

Item Number: ALI 02608-7
Your Price: $198.00

Building on the success of the Legacy series, the Gen 4 is the next generation. The light features three overt light modes and three covert light mode. For the ultimate in safe illumination just flip the battery and you have a covert only light, flip it again and you have an overt light with three positive feedback positions. To round out the lights flexibility, the steady on IR mode can be programmed in the field to an infinite number of light patterns using any IR light source. The light can even mimic other IR lights or be cloned directly from other VIPIRs.

This light has become fondly known as the Mockingbird. This light features the flash modes of both the Navy Special Warfare and Government Agent models in both IR and Green light as well as a steady on IR and Green illuminator. The IR Illuminator is reprogammable and incorporates the Mockingbird feature that will copy any IR light source pattern that is put in front of it. In the field the user can use any IR illuminator, another VIPIR or other IR source to program the light; with up to twenty seconds of recording time the possibilities are endless.

The light also utilizes our exclusive Reverse Polarity Program Switching. This feature assures that once the light is switched to covert mode it will not become an overt light unintentionally and vice versa.

This item or some of it's components cannot be exported from the United States of America.