Adventure Lights: VIP XPRO 1 LED, Focused Amber

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We were the first to design an elegant one-hand operated, ergonomically designed multifunction LED light back in 1994. We built the VIP with a rugged and revolutionary body that melded the housing to the circuit board as one solid unit. This design is still unmatched for its durability and intrinsically safe properties. Tested in deserts, the Arctic, in the stratosphere and hundreds of feet below the sea, the VIP has proven to hold up to the demands of extreme environmental conditions and unpredictable terrain.

The first of our VIP lights, this model features a high output, focused amber/orange LED. The light features a steadyon flashlight mode, an SOS visual signal and a quick flashing marker light function. The light beam and color is optimized to enhance visibility and help penetrate smoke and fog. This model is very popular with both firemen and SCUBA divers. The light has won numerous awards including “best pick” for marker lights by the editors of SCUBA Diving Magazine.

This item or some of it's components cannot be exported from the United States of America.
US Military APO Addresses exempt.