Product Review: MagCinch

-- Letter from SPC Daniel V. Chapman, Cco 2/187 INF Afghanistan MagCinch letter

My name is SPC. Daniel Chapman. I am deployed to Afghanistan with Cco 2nd Battalion 187th Infantry. I just came back from 13 days of combat during operation ANACONDA. I am writing you regarding your MagCinch System.

Before I was deployed I purchased one for my M4 Carbine. I used this in combat and was very satisfied with your fine product. Despite the beating your MagCinch took, it performed flawlessly; you have made a believer of me and the 35 men in my platoon struggling with duct tape rigs.

Your fine system helped me in battle against Al-Queda forces and allowed me to reload much faster than my enemy. I only wish that I had all my mags equipped with the MagCinch. Keep up the good work supporting the fighting men of the U.S. Army as we battle the forces of terror.