Product Review: Tactical Knee Pads

-- Reviewed and abused by Sarge, Sniper Country

A lot of us that do not routinely find ourselves in tactical situations don't think of little details, like kneepads! However, the first time you go prone and end up with a sharp rock or, out my way, a cactus needle in your knee, the desire to own a set becomes a VERY high priority on your purchase list, especially if you are one of the Over The Hill Gang of which I am most definitely a member! When I contacted Kevin Swanson from US Tactical Supply to let him know of my upcoming trip to Bradshaw Pistol Academy in West Texas for a precision urban rifle course, he asked if I wanted to use a pair of kneepads he is now carrying. Of course my immediate reply was, you bet! Well this was one of the best decisions I'd made in a long time! For those who have never been to West Texas, or any other part of Texas for that matter, one thing Texas has plenty of is rocks and cactus! Kneepads are a necessity when doing any position work requiring you to go to your knees.

The kneepads from US Tactical are a heavy cloth, I couldnt tell exactly what, lined on the inside with an approximately 1/8 inch either heavy neoprene or very dense closed cell foam. The outside is a heavy plastic that no matter what I did to them I barely scratched. Whatever these pads are made of is heavy duty and protected these old knees for three days of up, down, kneeling to prone and standing to prone in just about all the rocks, dust, dirt and cactus you could want!

Did I abuse these kneepads? You betcha! Could I tear them up? Not even! Heck -- they where actually comfortable enough that I'd forget I was wearing them! I recommend these kneepads without hesitation! Even if you only use them when you are practicing your prone shooting, even with a shooting mat, and they keep you from one rock to the knee they are worth the cost!

Look for more reviews of equipment from US Tactical Supply in the future! These folks are turning into a one-stop shop for our tactical needs!