True North Raven: Raven Wrap

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The Raven Wrap is a Precision/DMR tripod augmentation device that will turn your tripod into an entire work station. It can be run
stripped down for backcountry/greenside work, or can be fully assembled with the entire kit, building a platform for long term
sustainability behind the tripod.

Stripped down, the Raven Wrap adds minimal weight and negligible mass to shooter’s tripod while giving him or her the ability to run
single strap MOLLE pouches, accessory straps for shooting supports or vegetation, and house at least (24) 14” zip ties on the tripod
for use in vegging up or aid in hide construction. The accessory straps are stored on the inboard side of the leg sleeves and remain
completely out of the way until needed. The laser-cut MOLLE slots on the leg sleeves can also act as jute tying points as well.

Fully assembled, the Raven Wrap allows for 3 different laser-cut MOLLE panels to fill the gap between the upper legs of the tripod,
allowing the user to attach pouches to both the outside or inside of the panels. The kit ships in the primary accessory pouch that can
then be attached to one of the panels for gear, tools, food, etc…. The primary accessory pouch has a clear sleeve pocket on the outboard
side, to be used for dope cards or any pertinent information for the mission or training. Attached to the 3 legs is a mesh hammock that
spans underneath the tripod between each leg, allowing for temporary storage of frequently used gear.

NOTE:  Tripod, Ball Head and Zip Ties are not included.


Kit Includes:

  • (1) Primary Accessory Pouch
  • (3) Leg Sleeves
  • (1) MOLLE Panels (Additional MOLLE Panels available for purchase)
  • (3) Accessory Straps
  • (1) Hammock
  • (3) Adhesive-backed Hook Strips to ensure the sleeves don’t shift or rotate once installed.

Product is compatible with:

  • Really Right Stuff – TFCT-24L
  • Really Right Stuff – TFCT-34L
  • Manfrotto – 055 Carbon Fiber and Aluminum
  • Shadow Tech LLC – 0311PIG Aluminum


  • Material – 500D Cordura
  • Black and Ranger Green are special order -- please contact us for availability.

The Government GSA True North Raven - Multicam Raven Wrap Includes the Bungee to help attach the Wrapped Tripod to
Backpacks / Equipment / Vehicles etc during operations in the field etc.