The Hastuden Nabe HC-5 - USB Pan Charger

Item Number: EC HC-5
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It looks like a cooking pan, but it’s really a fire-powered DC generator with a USB charging output!

The Hatsuden Nabe (roughly translated as electricity producing pan), uses thermo-electric technology to convert heat energy into electrical energy and charges USB devices.

At the heart of the Hatsuden Nabe is a thermoelectric generator module (TEG). A TEG is a device that creates a voltage when there is a different temperature on each side of the device. This TEG is made with materials developed in Japan for recovering waste heat in industrial applications and is capable of operation at extremely high temperatures, like found in a wood camp fire.

The TEG module used in the Hatsuden Nabe is mounted in a cavity on the bottom of the pan. One side of the TEG is exposed to heat from a fire, and the other side which is thermally connected to the interior of the pan is cooled by water inside the pan. When heated with a wood fueled fire, the bottom of the pan will be exposed to temperatures in the range of 450 to 550 degrees Celsius. In a few minutes the water inside the pan boils and maintains a constant temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. This creates a temperature difference of 350 to 450 degrees Celsius (662 to 842 degrees Fahrenheit). It is this temperature difference that the TEG module uses to generate electricity.

Attached to the Hatsuden Nabe is a cable with a black box housing indicator LEDs and a 5 Volt regulator controlling the output voltage via one USB-A female connector. 

  • Includes Pan, shield, attached cable and charge controller, heat shield, and emergency pan support grate.
  • Ideal for emergency situations and for outdoor activities.
  • Can charge most smartphones including iPhones, iPods and other music players, camcorders (including Flip, Kodak and others), and many global positioning systems. (Device must have USB charging ability)
  • OUTPUT: 5 Volt DC, 400ma, 2 watt via USB connector.
  • One USB-A output connector.
  • Can charge an iPhone from fully discharged to functioning in 17 minutes. Can fully charge an iPhone in three to five hours.
  • Will not charge iPads or other extremely high power devices.
  • Compact and lightweight (weighs just 3 pounds).
  • Water must be inside the pan during operation. Always keep the pan filled at least 1/3 with water or the thermoelectric generator module will be permanently damaged.
  • Clean the inside of the pan by hand and do not submerge in water. The bottom of the pan housing the TEG module is not waterproof and should never be exposed to water.
  • Check the devices you intend to power for charge current requirements.

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