Tactical Concealment: Tactical Mesh

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Light Duty Mesh - This is an excellent quality mesh. It is sold by the yard (3' long x 58" wide). It is fairly lightweight and very strong. The mesh looks rigid in the photo but after handling it softens up. It comes in two color options: Camelbrown and Olive Drab

Heavy Duty Mesh - This is a high quality specially woven poly/cotton fabric. We offer two colors that closely match wooded and desert environments. This fabric has been specially made to meet the demands of today’s real world situations, it is not a surplus item nor has it been imported from some other country’s military overstock. Functional applications were carefully considered when producing this product, it will outperform anything in it’s class.

Uses for Multiple Tactical Applications:
  • Concealment Blind
  • Weapon Drape
  • Gear Construction                          
  • Gear Repair
  • Gear Modification                          
  • Ghillie Suit Ventilation
  • Concealment Veil
  • Many other applications...

Heavy Duty Mesh Multicam - Heavy Duty MultiCam Mesh is the strongest of our ghillie fabrics. It is the same material we use for our MCM Vipers and MCM Cobras. It is recommended that you break it in first for more flexibility since it is little stiff when new but a little regular wear and use will take that away. However, to be realistic, if you are in a full sprint going through some really rough and sharp bushes/vegetation, you could likely snag the fabric. That is pretty probable with any mesh fabric on the market. Otherwise, the odds are less that it would happen. But we dare to say there is nothing that is stronger and yet breathable and as comfortable to wear than MCM.
Dimensions: 60" x 36"

Mosquito Mesh - Very breathable, flexible, and strong considering it is very lightweight. Easily fit inside your cargo pocket. Just know if your in a full sprint with this on going through some sharp bushes, it will most likely snag or tear.