Tactical Concealment: Mamba Suit

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Best Built to Endure the Worst….

If you want the BEST ghilliesuit base available the choice is clear... GhillieSkins Mamba. The Mamba is in a class all of its own. It is built from scratch and constructed from the highest quality materials and highest performance fabrics available. Ultra lightweight and strong as nails, the Mamba is provided ungarnished allowing the operator to garnish it as best suited for their operating environment. Superior design and quality workmanship attribute to its popularity with military special operation teams. The Mamba offers the operator full body concealment. The Mamba is combat proven and the "King of Choice". This suit is built so well it will likely last your entire career as a military/LEO sniper. Designed and built to deliver the "to hell and back" reliability you've come to expect from Tactical Concealment.

Standard Features

  • Constructed from 330 denier Cordura Fabric (Camelbrown color)
  • 1000 Denier Cordura® MultiCam Nylon Skid Protection
  • Removable & Thickness Adjustable Padding on Elbows, Forearms, Chest, Knees
  • Super Heavy Duty Duck Shin Guards
  • Thread less Skid Surface Areas Throughout
  • Nylon 550 Nylon Cord for Garnish Attach (Tighter grid work for more effective foliage attach).
  • Closed-Chest System, Side entry via Fastex buckles along side of Blouse.
  • Adjustable Hand Loops
  • Blouse is upgradeable to accommodate Tactical Concealment's Adjustable Sniper Hood.
  • Adjustable Foot Stirrups
  • One-Size-Fits-All Sleeve Length via Wrist Tension Cords
  • One-Size-Fits-All Leg Length via Ankle Tension Cords
  • Adjustable Egress Suspension System (Crotch Strap) via Fastex Buckle
  • One-Size-Fits-All Sleeve & Pant Length
  • MOLLE Webbing integrated on each trouser leg to accomodate your own custom gear-pocket.
  • Adjustable V-Neck, Preacher Collar
  • Reinforced seat and Crotch using Cordura®
  • 2" Wide Belt Loops around Trouser Waistband.
  • 2" Wide Duty Belt, Fully Waist Adjustable
  • Inner Knee Abrasion Protection
  • Suspenders included with purchase
  • Entire back of shirt is ventilated with a Flame Retardant Mesh fabric.
  • Reinforced Trouser Fly Snap
Other Things you Should Know About the 5th Gen Mamba Suit:
  • Our use of 330 denier Cordura is far superior to any material used in today's Government Issue combat fatigues.
  • This sniper base suit will likely last your entire military/leo career; it is practically bomb-proof. 1st Gen Mambas have been reported to have served 60 hardcore military grade low-crawl stocks with no flaws in material or workmanship
  • You will likely NEVER rip the crotch out of these trousers.
  • Once your foot-stirrups wear out, simply remove them and add new ones.
  • Users can now adjust the level of padding to their desire in the knees, chest and elbows.
  • You will likely NEVER break any threads sewn onto your skid areas, because there is no thread there!
  • Users who swear by the use of a sniper boonie hat can continue to use it. Users who swear by the use of an attached hood to the blouse now has the option to add it to the pre-sewn hood attachment points on the blouse.

NOT INCLUDED: Ventilated Boonie Hat


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