Surefire: 3 Volt 1.4-19.2 Helmet Light Multicolored

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The SureFire® Helmet Light provides low-signature, night-vision friendly illumination for night navigation and close-quarter work like reading maps, loading gear, or repairing equipment in the field. Featuring virtually indestructible LEDs, the compact, weatherproof Helmet Light produces white, colored, and infrared output at multiple power levels. It clamps to the rim of TC 2000 MICH or similar helmets. Designed originally for military and SWAT applications, the lightweight SureFire Helmet Light is also an option for caving, climbing, construction, or search-and-rescue operations.

The Surefire Helmet light is the perfect edition to any tactical helmet. Its purpose is to provide low-level, directional, hands-free navigation lighting to an operator. This compact, multi-output helmet light features three white LEDs, two colored LEDs (available in red, blue, green, and infrared)(Blue shown), and a single blinking IR light that serves as a personal Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon. The three primary white lights serve as close-work illumination while the secondary colored lights serve for special tasks (Red helps preserve your natural night vision, blue helps identify blood, and IR works in conjunction with your night vision device).

The Surefire Helmet Light comes in tan or black and easily clamps semi-permanently to the rim of any MICH/ACH helmet by means of two socket head machine screws. The mount stays on the helmet while the light module can be quickly attached/ detached using one hand while wearing the helmet. It indexes into the mount where it locks in place. It is removed by depressing a small lever and sliding the module off.

Size:2.6″(L) x 2.2″(W) x 1.3″(D)

Weight:3.10 oz.

Power:One (1) CR123 Lithium Battery

Battery Run Time
White High:19.2 Lumens/ 6 Hours
Red High:2.5 Lumens/ 20 Hours
Blue High:2.5 Lumens/ 20 Hours
IR High:2.5 Lumens/ 20 Hours
White Med.:5.0 Lumens/ 28 Hours
Red Med.:0.8 Lumens/ 48 Hours
Blue Med.:0.8 Lumens/ 48 Hours
IR Med.:0.8 Lumens/ 48 Hours
White Low:1.4 Lumens/ 48 Hours
Red Low:0.3 Lumens/ 96 Hours
Blue Low:0.3 Lumens/ 96 Hours
IR Low:0.3 Lumens/ 96 Hours
IFF Beacon:1.72 mW/ 120 Hours