Tactical Concealment: Stalk Grass

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Got Texture?
Stalk Grass is a 100% natural fiber like jute and burlap however it’s physical characteristics are substantially different. Stalk Grass looks like flat & very wide blades of grass. It can also be easily confused with long shredded strands of palm tree leaves. The fiber strands are coarse and rigid and has a excellent tensile strength.   

Why does it make good field camouflage?
Depending on your application Stalk Grass is an excellent substitute to jute or burlap. It can also be used in conjunction with other natural fibers plus with natural foliage. Stalk Grass is a natural fiber it has all natural characteristics. The older and dirtier it gets the more natural it looks.

Natural vegetation makes the best camouflage...
Yes, exactly. Remember Stalk Grass is a natural fiber. It can be used to supplement your natural vegetation or in place of when vegetation is sparse.

What Am I Getting for My Money?
Each bundle of Stalk Grass is tightly compressed into a plastic bag. Once opened there is enough fiber to nearly make three military ghillie suits from. The fiber strands all vary in length and is basically clumped into an overall length of 48-inches.    


Stalk Grass fiber strands are not perfect end-to-end strands making it more cumbersome to work with than our 1-ply jute, Dreadlocks or even MOSS Hair. Use a firm grip when pulling fiber strands away from the bundle. You will notice some strands will clump off in this process but don’t stress. Some waste is to be expected (25% or more). We suggest tying your strands onto your clothing using a loop-knot or shoe-knot and secure the base of your knot with some string or 4-inch zip ties. This will prevent your fiber from unraveling and clumping off your clothing. Tying it on in short strands is not a critical with Stalk Grass as our MOSS Hair or Bristle Weed. As long as the blades are secured in your tie know you will not have to worry about clumping off problems.

Stalk Grass is a bristly type fiber and it’s noise discipline is not as good in comparison to burlap or jute strands. It is however superior in other ways that you may beneficial. #1 It retains absolutely zero water when wet. #2 It is the fraction of the weight as burlap and jute. #3 It’s texture is common and can be easily adapted to a variety of terrain worldwide. Despite the fact the fiber is difficult to work and tie on to your clothing it yields excellent results in the field.


For two of the pictures above, there is a sample of the color of spray paint that matches the color of each stalk grass. Therefore, when you apply the stalk grass and want to use spray paint, they match and your color scheme is consistent for effective camouflage.
Note: The spray paint is NOT included in this product. It is just for comparison and display purposes.