Small Frame Tactical Swat Harness (Requires Belt Keepers)

Item Number: KW 5302LS
Your Price: $39.00

Incorporating the durability and good looks of leather with the advantages of nylon, K&W has introduced a complete line of nylon web gear for the public safety professional. K&W nylon products are constructed of durable nylon "divers web" material and designed specifically with the user in mind. All stress points are stitched at least three times. Each item has been rigorously tested in the field by the professional that use them daily.

Advantages of Nylon

- Lightweight
Lighter than leather and other materials currently used, nylon can help reduce fatigue and lower back problems.

- Less Expensive
For a fraction of the cost of conventional gear, you may purchase and entire set of K&W nylon.

- Less Maintenance
Very little maintenance is required and it will continually look good for years.

- More Comfortable
Nylon webbing is flexible and feels more comfortable to wear.

- Color Will Not Run
The color will not fade or run in the rain of the wash.

- Quieter
Unlike conventional equipment, nylon gear is virtually silent.

- Easily Decontaminated
K&W nylon products are machine washable therefore safer in light of recent blood borne pathogen laws.