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Handl Defense introduces the SCAR25 MOD 2, taking the SCAR25 to the next level. Made from billet AZ-31 Magnesium. The SCAR 25 series is a completely reengineered lower receiver—the way it should have initially been manufactured.

We have specifically designed the magazine-well to be compatible with the readily available and combat proven SR-25 and
M110 pattern magazines, including the widely used .308 Magpul LR-20 PMAG. We redesigned the grip tang to accept M16/M4 compatible grips such as the Magpul MOE + and ERGO grips. Additionally, we re-contoured the arch above the grip to accommodate gloved and smaller hands, allowing easier access to the fire controls. In addition the SCAR25 MOD 2 does all this with a 33% weight savings, while maintaining structural integrity –


  • Battle proven magazine system
  • Billet AZ-31 Magnesium is stronger and more durable than plastic with 33% weight savings over Aluminum
  • No magazine-well flex or receiver flex
  • User-friendly ergonomics
  • Compatible with most AR-15 pistol grips
  • Drilled & Tapped grip screw hole
  • Factory FN SCAR lower parts DO NOT require any modification for installation
  • Exterior profile is similar to original FN factory lower


    • Material:  CNC Machined Billet AZ-31 Magnesium
    • Corrosion Protection: Tagnite Surface Conversion*
    • Finish:  E-Coat Black & FN Tan**
    • Magazine:  SR-25, M110, MAGPUL .308 PMAG, ASC, POF, DPMS Magazines, XS Drums (early generations), etc.
    • Grip:  Most AR-15 compatible grips
    • Weight:  8 oz.
    • All steps and processes in the manufacturing of the SCAR25 receiver is in accordance with US Military standards.

*Tagnite: (Surface Conversion) Harder, Smoother, and more corrosion resistant than anodizing due to much smaller pores. The thickness of the coating consists of only magnesium oxide (Potassium Fluoride & Potassium Silicate). Resulting in a surface that is 5 times more abrasion resistant than traditional Type III Hard Coat anodizing.

** E-Coat:

 E-coat is an emulsion of organic resins and de-ionized water, which is in a stable condition. The e-coat solution also comprises of some solvent and some ionic components. When a D.C. voltage is applied across two immersed electrodes, the passage of current is accompanied by electrolysis of water. This results in oxygen gas being liberated at the anode (positive electrode) and hydrogen gas liberated at the cathode (negative electrode). The liberation of these gases disturbs the hydrogen ion equilibrium in the water immediately surrounding the electrodes. This results in a corresponding pH change and this in turn de-stabilizes the paint components of the solution and they coagulate onto the appropriate electrode.- Cathodics electropaints are stable except at high (alkaline) pH. Anodics are stable except at low (acid) pH.- Electrolysis of water causes the cathode to become alkaline and the anode to become acid.
- Coating build up 20-30 Microns
- Twice as hard as standard gun coating
SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade to the SCAR-17
AZ-31 Magnesium

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