RUAG AMMO Tech: Swiss P .338 Lapua Target 300GR - Box of 10

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300 Grain, Box of 10

This is the perfect round for highly accurate long range target shooting in competition and training. Tight production tolerances and small production batches ensure constant ballistic values and stringent quality controls guarantee identical trajectory from batch to batch.

A wide range of special purpose bullets provide the desired terminal effect on hard and soft targets on every mission. All .338 Lapua Mag. SWISS P rounds have an identical point of impact at 300 m which allows the shooter to instantly change the bullet type.
  • Extended supersonic range ensures improved accuracy and greater energy on target
  • Temperature independent propellant guarantees a consistent point of impact
  • Coordinated ballistics with SWISS P Ball, Styx Action, Armour Piercing and Tactical rounds