Tactical Concealment: Rifle Muzzle Dust Break

Item Number: TC 10C3504
Your Price: $37.70
The Rifle Muzzle Dust Break prevents dust and debris from getting kicked up from your muzzle blast, which could compromise your position. The Rifle Muzzle Dust Break also doubles into a shooters mat protecting a full elbow spread and upper 2/3rd of your body (product is non-padded). Works great against hot and abrasive surfaces and wet/muddy ground.

Constructed from nearly indestructible 10.10 oz. Army Duck Canvas, treated with the 428 Milspec treatment enabling compliancy for flame retardant, water proof and mildew resistant.

Works for most long guns and calibers. Single, semi or full automatic fire.
Draw cords are tacked on each corner of the mat to secure onto rifle barrel. Cord locks allow cord to be locked into place.