RevMedx AirWrap - Hands Free Pressure Dressing

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AirWrap is uniquely effective in generating and maintaining HANDS FREE pressure continuously through all stages of pre-hospital treatment. AirWrap is more than an standard elastic bandage many use today, that is because is has an integrated air bladder that can be inflated to create and maintain hands-free direct pressure on a wide range of wounds. Designed to be applied directly over primary wound dressings and then secured and inflated with the included intuitive Luer-fit pump connection. Once AirWrap has been applied correctly first responders or medical personnel are free to move and treat other wounds or casualties. REVMEDX AIRWRAP IS A MUST HAVE FOR JUST ABOUT ANY AID BAG.

Initial data from the US Army ISR (Institute of Surgical Research) shows a 75% reduction in blood loss when using AirWrap in conjunction with Combat Gauze over a standard elastic wrap.

Being prepared to help yourself or others during critical times can often mean the difference between life and death. We strongly recommend professional medical training for anyone who owns a medical kit so you know how to use it properly to help save lives.

* 4" compression bandage with inflatable bladder.
* Applies focused pressure on a wide range of wounds.
* ?Compact and lightweight.
* Pop-up indicator signals user when bladder is inflated.
* Functions in extreme conditions.
* FDA Cleared
* CE Marked
* 3 year shelf life