RAPTAR-ES (Eye-Safe) Rapid Targeting Module

Item Number: PRG 57200G03-LB
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  1. Remote Control Pad allows operator to activate selected laser and to range and engage targets.
  2. A Laser/Input Button allows the operator to lase the target in IR or VIS mode, or to input menu options in any menu selection mode.
  3. A mode selection knob allows the user to select from eight possible modes of operation: Off , IR Laser, IR Flood, IR Dual, Function, VIS Laser, VIS Flash, and VIS Dual.
  4. User “On The Fly” Laser, IR Illuminator, Red/IR Pointer Intensity Control
  5. Ergonomically positioned LED panel displays range to target in 1 meter increments.
  6. Front and Rear Iron Sights provide visual alignment for handheld Range Finder use.
  7. Focus Wheel allows the operator to change the IR illuminator from fl ood to spot.
  8. A battery compartment with water resistant cap stores one 3V CR123 battery.
  9. RAPTAR-ES™ is comparable in size to the AN/PEQ-15 with only a slight increase in weight but with the additional feature of a Laser Range Finder.
  10. On Board Self Test/Diagnostic Feature Verifies Operation of all Internal Devices

  • Eye Safe Laser Range Finder Identifies Target Distance
  • Variable Focus Infrared Illuminator
  • Infrared Aiming Laser
  • Red Visible Aiming Laser
  • All Lasers are Co-Aligned
  • Precision Windage and Elevation Adjustors Control the Entire Laser Suite as One Within .5 MRAD
  • Shipped in Pouch

Physical Characteristics
Total Operational Weight (Includes Battery and Remote): < 308.0 g (10.8 oz)
Dimensions (DxWxH) 4.25" x 3.19" x 1.75"
Sight Plane Above the Rail 0.930”
Color Lusterless Brown
Water Resistance Waterproof to 1 Meter
Battery Endurance
Battery Type: One (1) 3V CR123A
Battery Life on Dual High IR Laser Only: Over 7 hours
Battery Life on Dual High Visible: 1.3 hours
Ranging Operation at Ambient Temp: >700 Measurements
Laser Range Finder
Type: Eye Safe 1,550nm
Minimum Range: 5m
Maximum Range: 1,500m (Target: 0.5m x 2.0m, albedo 0.5)
Range Accuracy: 1m
Detection Probability: 90%
Continous Ranging: 1Hz
Range Acquisition Time: 1s
Visible Aiming Laser Options
Red (635nm) Adjustible from 0.6 mW (eye-safe Class 1) up to 20.0 mW (Class 3b)
Infrared Aiming Laser
Low Power (Eye Safe) 0.6 mW
Illuminating Laser
Low Power (Eye Safe) 0.6 mW


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