QR Tac-Sling M4, Foliage Green

Item Number: 61006-10
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The Quick Release Tac-Sling is a hybrid of various sling designs. We have adapted it to fit many weapons, but the overall function is still the same. The sling keeps your weapon close to the body while giving the user hands-free mobility, but allowing one to grab the rifle and get sights on the target or transition to your sidearm in a split second. Unlike other slings, ours has a quick release feature enabling the user to get out of the sling quickly, and if necessary, drop the rifle to go to a hands-on situation. The sling is constructed of a special type of 1 1/2" nylon webbing that has a soft feel so it does not chafe. We also use a special buckle to attach the sling to the rifle for more secure mounting.

Please note: M4 and Shotgun tac-slings require side mount front sling swivels for proper attachment