Propper: Tactical Duffle

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Rugged materials and ample storage to keep your ready for your day. The perfect companion for any undertaking. Customizable with MOLLE compatible webbing on the exterior and an internal loop field within the front and side pockets. Additional large side pocket gives contained storage for shoes. Contrast lining throughout the large main compartment allows contents to stand out.

  • 100% nylon
  • MOLLE compatible webbing for customization 
  • Zippered front pocket with internal loop field 
  • Contrast lining provides enhanced visibility 
  • Durable rubberized handles on either side 
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Exterior loop field for patches 
  • Shoe tunnel 
  • Reinforced bottom 
  • NTOA member tested and approved
  • Imported

  • 12.5"H X 23"W X 11"D

 NTOA Member Tested and Approved

4.5 stars

NTOA Member Tested and Recommended

With reviews from three different NTOA members, thePropper® Tactical Duffle received their seal of approval garnering an overall score of 4.51 out of a possible 5 with its design, performance and durability praised across the board.

Reviewer 1
This duffle bag from Propper appears to be well-made and put together. It seems that it would be able to support quite a bit of weight if necessary and hold up over long time use. The stitching on the bag appears to be hardy and it was not uncomfortable at all to sling over my shoulder, even while weighted down. The various pockets throughout the bag would be very useful for gear storage. What's also nice about this bag is that it is fairly nondescript and appears to be like any other duffle bag.

Reviewer 2
I really liked several features with this bag. First, one of the end pockets is an oversized pouch for shoes. I was able to get two pairs of shoes in there. This takes away from some of the room in the main compartment as it extends into the interior of the bag but it is nice to have a place for shoes that is separate from your clothing. Another nice feature is the Molle on the outside of the front pocket and the Velcro on the inside of the front and one of the side pockets. Finally, the zippers have a length of cord encompassed in about a two-inch length of rubber that made opening and closing the zippers really easy. I was impressed by this bag and it should work very nicely for a short trip of a few days.

Reviewer 3
This is an outstanding bag that can be used for just about anything. I've used mine as a small gear bag for work, a range bag, a gym bag and a small carry on for a recent flight. It's big enough to be useful and not too big to fit in a gym locker or an overhead bin. There are plenty of pockets and special features. I especially like the expanding shoe tunnel to keep my boots separate from the rest of my gear.