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In response to popular demand SOG has developed the ultimate folding pliers tool--one that has component locks is comfortable to use and offers a complete tool package. With the PowerLock they have done this and much more!

Driven by SOG's exclusive interlocking gear system Compound Leverageā„¢ has become a SOG patented trademark in folding tools. It truly allows miniaturization of traditional larger pliers by providing increased leverage. With every pound of pressure applied at the handles twice the power of conventional designs is generated in the pliers therefore minimizing the amount of hand pressure that is required to get the most torque out of your tool. This mechanical advantage is known mostly in the trades by people who use their tools everyday.

Length Open


Length Closed


7 oz
All Stainless Steel

The PowerLock features removable pivoting handle covers that improve the comfort profile for your hand. More pressure can now be exerted on those tough jobs! Like the rest of the family in the PowerPlier series the PowerLock can be opened and closed with a one-handed flip of the wrist. This is a basic requirement from SOG as so often one is holding wires or standing on a ladder and does not have both hands free.

All tool components are easy to access and lock in the open position. The Phillips even locks in two open positions. With one of the simplest and safest locking devices ever engineered just press the back of the lock and close the component into the handle.

Included in the handles of this compact tool box is the first foldable 1/4" drive that will turn sockets or with a standard adapter any hex screwdriver tip. It will also turn heads!

Scissors can be one of the most used tool components and SOG has answered that demand with foldable spring-loaded scissors that are extremely sharp. This patent pending marvel only has spring tension in the open position an additional safety feature. Other components include: plier/gripper wire cutter crimper double toothed wood saw 1/2 serrated blade 3-sided file large screwdriver Phillips screwdriver 1/4 drive awl can opener/small screwdriver bottle opener/med. screwdriver scissors rulers and lanyard ring. PowerLock also comes with a heavy-duty dark leather pouch and is available with SOG's Gold Titanium Nitride or Black Oxide coatings.

A standard issue with any SOG multipurpose tool is the advantage of hex bolt construction. This essential design element gives you the greatest versatility to clean and change tool components.

This item or some of it's components cannot be exported from the United States of America.

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