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ONE SHOT PACKAGE: Data Book & Cover Mildot Master Slope Doper All Weather pen Ballisticard
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The One Shot Package includes the following mission-essential gear at a reduced price!

* 1-Data Book 
* 1-Data Book Cover 
* 1-Mildot Master
* 1-Slope Doper
* 1-Set of Ballisticards
* 1-Tactical All-Weather Pen
* Custom USTS Sniper Template

Please refer to individual product pages for descriptions. Please indicate which color Data Book Cover you want, and which Ballisticard set you want. (You may choose from the following varieties: Original, A2 & D2, or M118 LR Delta 2. Please refer to the Ballisticard pages for the correct item number.)
Customizable package with Spiral Data Book: Choose your ballisticard

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