NAR Surgical Tape - Pack of 6

Item Number: NAR ZZ-0049
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Since North American Rescue understands that managing the basics is essential, our NAR Surgical Tape successfully addresses all the basic requirements of adhesion to a body. This cloth tape is hypoallergenic and latex free, so it can be applied to any casualty without causing side effects. The tape's porous construction provides maximum breathability so skin is not damaged while our medical tape is in place. Rolls are conveniently sized at 2-inches by 10 yards so a single roll is sufficient for a single task. Consequently, NAR Surgical Tape is the ideal solution for securing endotracheal, nasogastric, and chest tubes.Rolls of this bandage tape come six to a package.
    • SEL#: 09MS-04-TAPE
    • Porous construction for maximum breathability
    • High tensile strength
    • Aggressive adhesion
    • Ideal for securing endotracheal, nasogastric and chest tubes
    • Practical 2 in. x 10 yd rolls
    • 6 rolls per package


  • Individual roll: W 2 in. x L 10 yd