NAR MicroMend Skin Closure Devices

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The microMend™ Skin Closure Device is an easy-to-use alternative to sutures or surgical staples when skin closure is required. The device is fast and easy to apply like a bandage, with the holding strength of sutures. With its patent-pending microstaple technology, microMend™ reduces procedure time and increases points of contact with the skin along the length of the wound compared to sutures and staples. Also, the device improves patient experience, as they are more comfortable and easier to remove than standard invasive methods of skin closure. Removal can be performed at home by the patient, per physician recommendation. The microMend™ devices can be used on a variety of lacerations and incisions and with wounds of various lengths, as the product can be applied right next to each other.

microMend's XS skin closure device is ideal for small areas, such as the fingers, toes, ears, and nose.

microMend's Small skin closure device has the broadest range of application for closing wounds. It is used for closing most lacerations (face, neck, and hands).

microMend's Large skin closure device is ideal for closing larger wounds on the extremities, back, chest, and abdomen. Great for closing hard to repair skin tears.

  • Intended for use to connect external tissues temporarily to aid in healing
  • Safe, secure, and rapid skin closure
  • Equivalent holding strength to sutures
  • Works on a variety of incisions and lacerations
  • Patent pending microstaples anchor the device to the skin
  • Three times faster to apply than sutures
  • Comes packaged 2 per pouch with 12 pouches per box
  • Single Use Only, supplied Sterile

Clinical Uses:

Use microMend without other wound closure products

  • Primary skin closure of incisions that do not extend below the upper dermis
  • To extend the duration of closure security AFTER suture or staple removal

Use microMend in combination with suture or staples

  • Closure of the upper skin layer in which sutures or staples were used for closure of deeper skin layers (e.g. deep dermis)
  • Skin closure as adjunct to sutures or staples for wounds under tension

Avoid use of microMend for the following closures:

  • Non-linear, jagged wounds
  • Incisions/wounds over areas of flexion, such as joints (e.g. knee, elbow)
  • Incisions/wounds where there is limited skin surface, such as the face, fingers, and toes
  • Incisions/wounds with large amounts of drainage
  • Wounds in unshaven hairy sites
  • Wounds in areas subject to moisture build-up, such as axilla and groin
  • Wounds that are infected, cannot be thoroughly cleaned, or contain a foreign body