MGM Whirly-Gig Target

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"I've got no clue what a Whirly-Gig® was in the "old" days, but I know what it is today. THIS is a Whirly-Gig®, as far as MGM is concerned. I'm fairly sure Terry Ashton in Texas invented this, and I want to make sure everybody knows that. I don't know if he dreamt it up himself, or brainstormed it with somebody, but it is one of the most incredibly innovative and FUN targets we've ever come across!"

With the laser cutter and 3/8" 500 Brinell steel for nearly all the "shootable" components, we were also able to simplify the target holding system. To solve the problem of consistently releasing the target when hit we created an asymetrical base to the plate and we added a single steel spring to hold it until it's shot. To set up for the next shooter, all you have to do is slide the target under the spring and it will easily fall into the "keyhole" that holds it.

MGM HexPlate™: MGM's exclusive HexPlate™ hexagonal shaped targets are made of premium MGM AR500 steel. The hexagonal shape offers up to 13% more target area than the same size round plate, and everyone will see the immediately recognizable MGM hex logo shape and know it as a genuine MGM Targets product, synonymous with quality, reliability and value.... Leave Nothing To Chance™.

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