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The MGM DELUXE PLATE RACK with MGM Spacing (14" center to center) has several innovative features not found on other plate racks. Now standard with MGM HEXPlate™ plates for more surface area than round plates and the cool MGM logo Hex shape, so you KNOW you're running the best!! 


First, the best steel in the business. Our standard 8" HEX™ targets are 500 Brinell, which is the same hardness as armor plate. This is the same material we make all our target faces of. Suitable for rifle fire, no common defense caliber or competition semi-auto is going to damage these targets.


Second, quick change targets. To put on different target shapes or sizes, all you do is pull the spring clip, slide the target to the right, and it comes off in your hand. Slide the new target in, re-install the spring clip, and get that gun loaded! One person can change all the targets in well under 2 minutes, with no tools other than strong fingers or maybe a pair of pliers. Additional target sets come with the 1" hinge pin already on them. You Still don't need tools!


Third, it is user friendly. The reset linkage can be operated from either end, just tell us which end you would like it to operate from when you place the order. We've done away with the "rope", and now use a 1" strap with a hand loop sewn in the end. 4 bolts on each end hold on the legs.


Fourth, BULLET PROOF RESET LINKAGE. Our reset linkage is made entirely of 3/8" x 2" thick steel flatbar, and 1" solid round bar. There is no way this linkage is going to be rendered inoperable by accident. The reset strap is 4" off the ground, so it won't be hit, and the mechanical advantage we have gained from the linkage geometry will allow you to reset the largest targets with one hand, or your child helper can do it. 50 feet of strap comes standard.

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