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If your Whirly Gig doesn't offer enough of a challenge, you NEED the

We took a Whirly Gig (Texas Star), flipped it over and hung it from steel brackets on a wooden frame. You with me so far? The trigger post holds the target up to the side and when the cord is pulled by a volunteer or another falling target it gets real, real fast with the whole thing swinging left to right while you try to hit the five 8-inch AR500 target plates!! 


Order it to upgrade your whirly gig or order the Death Star and a Whrily Gig (sold separately) and take your training and fun to a whole new level!!

MGM Whirly Gig sold separately.

Shipping quoted seperatly. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

With the laser cutter and 3/8" 500 Brinell steel for nearly all the "shootable" components, we were also able to simplify the target holding system. The .015" kerf from the laser cutter wasn't quite tight enough to hold the target in place when you wanted it to be held, but it was perfect when it came to releasing the target. To solve the problem, we added a single steel spring to the existing bolts. To set up for the next shooter, all you have to do is slide the target under the spring and it will easily fall into the "keyhole" that holds it.

Wooden components required but not supplied by MGM include

4 each              8 foot long four X fours, and

1 each              12 foot long 4 x 6 Timber.


Hardware included by MGM in the retrofit kit includes


Death Star Hanger Bracket (bolts to middle of the 4 x 6 beam)

1          ½” x 5” hex bolt and nylock nut

2          leg end brackets (connect the legs to the horizontal top beam)

6          ½” x 3” carriage bolts for these (3 for each end)

4          Ground anchor brackets (angle iron with a hole in each leg)

4          3/8” x 12” ground anchor spikes

4          ½” x 3” carriage bolts to bolt the bracket to the leg

2          ¼” x 2” Grade 8 Bolts, 4 flat washers, 2 Nylon lock nuts to connect the WhirlyGig post base to the Death Star Hanger Bracket

4          ¼ x 2” Grade 8 bolts, 8 ¼” flat washers, 5 Nylon lock nuts for the post/bracket connection.


When installing the lag bolts, it is strongly recommended that the wood be pre-drilled first with a 3/8 inch diameter drill bit, to keep it from splitting.  For the main Hanger Bracket, you will need to drill all the way thorough the wood with a ½” diameter drill bit.  The lag bolts should be tight, but NOT stripped.  If you strip the wood out, you’ll want to go to the hardware store and get through bolts.  Then go back and drill the OTHER side of the steel (where the wood is stripped) so you can insert the through bolt all the way through the wood.  Stripping the wood will easily double your assembly time of the system.


DANGER!   CAUTION!   ATTENCION!   BE CAREFUL Y’ALL!!!       It should be noted that the second reason this product is called the Death Star is because it is possible that someone will be injured or killed during the assembly process.  BE CAREFUL!!




  1. Get your hands on a good 8’ step ladder.  Or 2 of them.
  2. Have at least 3 able bodied volunteers (men) standing by to help you.
  3. Slide the main Death Star Hanger Bracket on to the 4 x 6 timber.
  4. Center it on the beam and drill the ½” through hole. Install the bolt and tighten the nut
  5. Slide one of the 4 x 4 posts as far as possible into each side of the Leg End Brackets
  6. Pre-drill the wood with the 3/8” drill bit.  Insert and tighten the ½” lag bolts.  Don’t strip them!
  7. Have 2 of your volunteers stand one pair of legs up, nearly vertical. 
  8. While they hold the legs there, two other people will slide the 4 x 6 beam into the rectangular tube.
  9. The 4 x 6 should be about flush or slightly past the end of the tube. 
  10. Put the OTHER end of the 4 x 6 on the ground so nobody is holding anything up.
  11. Drill the 3/8” hole (through the provided hole in the rectangular tube) and insert/tighten the ½” lag bolt.
  12. Have 2 volunteers stand the OTHER set of legs up. These will have to be vertical.
  13. Lift up the 4 x 6 beam till it is horizontal, and at the same elevation as the rectangular tube on the leg bracket.
  14. Slide the 4 x 6 beam into the rectangular tube (on the leg bracket) the appropriate distance.
  15. Paying attention to the amount of wood inside the tube, spread the 4 x 4 legs on the front side (toward the shooter) as far from each other as possible.
  16. Double check the amount of wood inside the rectangular tube.
  17. Do the same “spreading” on the rear legs.  Do it again on the front legs.
  18. Pre-drill the 4 x 6 beam for the lag bolt, insert and tighten the lag bolt.
  19. Using a volunteer on each leg, physically pick up the wooden assembly and move it to the location where it will be shot.
  20. Spread all the legs out in each direction as far as possible.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!!.  If you do not do this sufficiently, the entire assembly will begin to rock left/right and start to loosen everything up.  If it is tight the first time, it will stay reasonably tight, assuming the dirt spikes are effectively in place.
  21. Place one of the leg/ground anchor brackets against the base of each leg and the ground.
  22. Predrill the hole into the wood, insert the lag bolt and tighten it up.
  23. Drive the huge nail into the dirt at such an angle as to HELP keep the leg from moving/sliding on the dirt.
  24. Turn the Star assembly so the post is vertical, out the top of the “star”.
  25. Using 3 volunteers and the bolts provided, bolt the post to the TOP of the Death Star Hanger Bracket.
  26. Make sure the washers are in place (top and bottom) and that the nylon lock nuts are tight. 

NOTE: If anything fails on this system, it will be these bolts.  They should be frequently checked and replaced as necessary.  Spares have been included in the Hardware kit.  Don’t lose them.



Mounting the knock off targets is self evident.   Do that BEFORE the Trigger Post is put in place.


  1. This next step is a really good place to get a couple of fingers pinched off!
  2. Have  helpers swing (pivot) the Star assembly all the way to one end or the other, of the wooden structure.
  3. Have someone position the Trigger Post in such a manner that the knee will kick OUT, (left or right) perpendicular to the direction of bullet travel (parallel to the length of the main overhead beam).  Having the knee bend BACK (away from the shooter) or FORWARD (toward the shooter) puts the entire assembly in an unsafe bind.   Nothing good will happen.
  4. The Trigger Post should be activated by a falling popper or other such device. 
  5. A pulley or eye bolt should be mounted in such a location that the falling popper pulls the cable that is connected to the Trigger post PARALELL to the main overhead beam.

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