M9 Medical Trauma Pack w/ Removable Shoulder Straps

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The High Ground Medical Trauma Pack is the standard M9 Pack with some time-saving features built in so you can grab this pack out of a helo or MRAP and begin instant trauma treatment. Or use the pack with Removable Shoulder Straps and throw it on over your assault kit.

Additional Features/Specs

  • Instant-Access Grab-Tab lets you open the pack using a single-handed motion so you have immediate access to all tools
  • Removable Color-Coded Internal-Mesh Pouches lets you separate and instantly identify and remove specific med kits (bleeders, airway, IVs)
  • Internal Zippered Pockets let you separate critical tools so they are easy to find when you need them
  • 2.3 lbs (with pouch inserts)