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The patented MagCinch System allows anyone with a need for high ammo capacity to carry two magazines with their rifle. You won't waste time searching for the second one just switch the magazines already attached to your rifle and save crucial seconds! The MagCinch units hold two magazines together with rock solid strength to ensure that they both operate as one unit as if they were made from one solid piece of steel.

The MagCinch units will not mar scratch or deform your magazines. They are designed specifically to grasp magazines without damaging them in any way. And should your magazines be exposed to excessive stress the MagCinch units will give before your rifle or your magazines are damaged! The MagCinch units are extremely versatile and can be used in both parallel and staggered dual-magazine configurations.

This item or some of it's components cannot be exported from the United States of America.
US Military APO Addresses exempt.


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Available for AR15 .223 and AR10 .308

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