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The Quick Cuff is the result of twenty years NRA High Power, Hunting and Sniper Experience. A trained shooter can switch from standing to a seated or a prone slung shooting position in less than ten seconds.
Made in the USA!!!!
The sling consists of two parts:

1. The sling. Install on the rifle with the short portion forward and the multi loop section to the rear. The Male Fastex buckle should face away from the stock and pointed toward the buttstock.

2. The Cuff. This is worn on the weak side arm, with the female Fastex Buckle on the inside of the arm, above the bicep area. The Velcro cover can be used to secure the buckle when wearing a pack or similar items. Many shooters will tack sew the cuff to their shooting coat or ghillie suit. The Velcro cuff attachment system should not be so tight as to slow or stop blood flow to the arm.
Using the sling is simple:

1. Adjust the length of the front section for whatever position you like, before using the sling in the field. Many use the seated length because they can use it in a rapid prone position without any adjustment.

2. The multi loop section of the rear, designed for carry over a pack or similar gear. Adjust this to your needs.