ESS: Land Ops w/Speed Sleeve

Striker Series Land Ops w/Speed Sleeve
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Now available in Foliage Green and Desert Tan!
One of the only goggles authorized by the US Army for use over prescription eyewear, the ESS Land Ops™ is a high-performance goggle system for highly-active ground troops. The Land Ops™ features exceptional fog resistance, particle filtration, and comfort. With its roomy frame, the Land Ops™ is designed to fit over most eyeglasses.

The Land Ops™ features a full-perimeter Hi-Flow™ ventilation and filtration system that ventilates humid air while filtering out airborne particles, air blasts and splashes. The open-cell face padding provides superior, long-lasting comfort.
Land Ops w/ Speed Sleeve- Foliage Green or Desert Tan Frame, Clear and Smoke Gray Lenses