Lancer Systems: Nitrous Compensator

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The Lancer Nitrous Compensator is a tunable compensator and muzzle brake designed for competitive shooters. Engineered with a blast chamber and adjustable jets, the Nitrous Compensator significantly reduces muzzle climb and felt recoil, providing faster and more consistent follow-on shots.

  • Angled blast baffles reduce recoil and stabilize the rifle
  • Dual adjustable jet locations at the 12 o’clock position direct gas from the blast chamber upwards, creating a downward force on the muzzle, effectively eliminating muzzle climb
  • Includes crush washer, wrench, and adjustable tuning jets

The objective when tuning your Nitrous is to minimize muzzle movement when shooting rapid strings of fire from an offhand position. Do not attempt to tune your compensator from a bench or from a supported position. Do not adjust or replace the compensator jets without first checking to make sure that the firearm has been cleared of all ammunition.

To begin tuning, set up at close range of 25-50 yards from a paper target. Fire a rapid group of 3-5 rounds. If the group patterns in an upwards direction, increase the amount of gas being ported through the jets by replacing one or both with a larger orifice size. If the group strings down, decrease the gas being ported upwards be replacing one or both of the jets with a smaller orifice. Torque both jets to 8-10 in/lbs and fire the shot string again.

Repeat this process until your group stops stringing up or down and holds at the same level of elevation. Overall group size should improve markedly when rapidly shooting offhand with a properly tuned Nitrous installed.