Lancer Systems: LCH5 Carbon AR-15 Handguard

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The LCH5 is Lancer’s flagship free-floating carbon fiber handguard which has been painstakingly engineered to reduce weight while improving the overall strength and accuracy of the AR-15 platform.

Contrary to popular belief, we designed these handguards in carbon fiber not for cosmetic reasons, but because our carbon fiber handguards are lighter, stronger, and less heat-conductive than their aluminum counterparts. While they are certainly one of the best options on the market for competition use, they are much more than just “go-fast parts”. The immense strength, durability, and low thermal conductivity of Lancer’s carbon fiber handguards have made them the favored handguard system for some of the most demanding military units and law enforcement agencies both in the United States and in our allied countries around the globe.

  • Compatible with standard milspec AR-15 upper receivers
  • Available with a full length upper Picatinny rail or with a 2″ rail section for mounting an optional front sight
  • Available in five basic lengths: 6″, 8″, 12″, 13″, and 15″
  • 6″ and 8″ handguards are designed to respectively fit carbine-length and mid-length gas systems with fixed front sight posts
  • Inner Diameter (ID): 1.7″ (Fits over top of most standard suppressors)
  • Outer Diameter (OD): 2.0″

NOTE: The proprietary free-floating handguard mount requires the removal of the barrel and specialized knowledge of the AR-15 platform for successful installation and removal. Fixed front sight posts and gas blocks may also need to be removed during installation. If you’re not comfortable performing these tasks on your rifle system, please consult a certified gunsmith for professional installation.