Lancer Systems: L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine - Limited Capacity

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Everyone know’s the benefits of Lancer’s hybrid L5AWM magazine design. (HINT: They’re listed down below if you need a refresher.) Our new Limited series of magazines feature all of these same benefits, but with permanently installed capacity limiters which make them compliant in all fifty states. Even if you’re not able to enjoy a full serving of freedom (and then go back for seconds), you can at least savor the taste and imagine what it would be like.

NOTE: In order to maintain compliance with various state and local capacity regulations, the internal limiting device was carefully designed to not allow more than ten (10) rounds to be inserted into the magazine. In order to ensure this for legal purposes, we had to reduce the amount of stack travel available when fully loaded to ten rounds. As a result, it may be difficult to insert a fully loaded magazine onto a closed bolt on some weapon platforms. Loading on an open bolt and/or loading the magazine to nine (9) rounds will alleviate this issue. 

Increased Durability and Reliability

  • Proprietary polymer body offers unmatched durability, even in sub-freezing conditions (tested from -40F to +180F)
  • Hardened steel feed lips do not bend, deform, or crack under hard use or extended storage
  • Impact and chemical resistant polymer body meets or exceeds military testing standards
  • Non-tilt follower with stainless steel spring allows for loaded mag storage without degrading performance

Improved Combat Readiness

  • Translucent magazine bodies (select models) make for easy pre-training inspections
  • Expedites visual confirmation of ammunition levels during and between exercises

Superior Safety and Efficiency

  • Reduces weapon malfunctions by providing increased reliability
  • Allows for immediate visual identification of ammunition type
  • Increases ammunition awareness during reloads