KRG Bravo Chassis

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Bravo Chassis: The Bravo provides you with the essential chassis benefits combined with conventional target/varmint ergonomics all at a modest price

The Bravo is one of the most comfortable stocks available but that's just the beginning. The price will make you and your wallet smile so that's a double bonus right there.

The precisely machined bedding area will put your action in its happy place nearly like it was custom bedded in there. The full length stiff aluminum backbone will not allow the forend to flex on you but does allow design modularity with loads of accessories and even other KRG chassis.

The ergonomic adjustments are just what you need to fit your frame so you can pull off the difficult shots. Of course it takes AICS mags right out of the box.

It's light. It's comfortable. It's modular. It's good looking. And it's practically free. You will love it.

**Bravo chassis in Remington long action and Tikka inlets may experience bolt interference at some cheekpiece heights. Tikka Bravos are now shipping with a second cheekpiece that has been cut for clearance from the factory.

***For Remington long action Bravos, customers should not purchase it if they are worried.

*The Howa Bravo is only available in short action. We have no current plans for long action or mini-action inlets.

*The Tikka inlet accepts T3, T3x, and CTR versions (basically all short action caliber T3 variants). Tikka rifles accept AICS pattern mags with the exception of the Magpul AICS polymer mags.

*All of our chassis take AICS magazines with nothing extra needed, the magazine is not included.

**Aug '18: Bravo chassis now come with polymer mag release button and still come with the 1-3 LOP spacer kit which allows LOP up to 14" approx, more spacers available for longer LOP.

***The Remington 700 long action Bravo chassis takes AICS pattern 3.850" length magazines.

****The Bravo Chassis DOES NOT come with the Hook-Style Cover, please see our Accessories section for this add on.