Key Cuff

Item Number: SC KEY CUFF
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The Key-CuffTM is manufactured from a high-impact, high-tensile strength engineered polymer. In addition to its strength, this restraint is also lightweight, allowing easy concealment with the capability to carry many at a time.

Applied in a normal manner, the Key-CuffTM is easily adjusted once in place. For easy removal, simply use a standard handcuff key. NO DANGEROUS CUTTING TOOL IS NEEDED!

Key-CuffTM can be used 6-8 times under normal conditions...


Length: 21 inches
Width: .35 inches
Tensile Strength: 350+ lbs.
Colors Available: black, orange, red, olive drab, and sand.

The Key-CuffTM can be carried on the body in various ways including:

Wrapping within the officer's hat
Threading through belt loops around the waist
Prelooping the restraint and hanging on a flashlight or other existing item on the officer's belt

Ideal for use in:
Law Enforcement Agencies
Police Departments
Correctional Facilities
Jails & Prisons Features:


Releases with handcuff key
Low cost, affordable
Strong and lightweight
Environmentally friendly
Designed by security experts
Made in the U.S.A