Instant Access Foxtrot Pouch (PRC-117F)

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Finally a way to carry the 117F (Foxtrot) or PSC-5D in every combat scenario.
No other pack or pouch gives you this kind of access to the PRC-117F’s antennas, ports, and battery like this pouch. Never disconnect a cable or antenna again to change the battery. You can drop your Foxtrot into this pouch and leave it there until you go home.
  • Connect all the cables and antennas and still retain instant-access to the battery.
  • Carry it directly on your body armor
  • Connect pouch to shoulder straps
Additional Features/Specs
  • Instant-Access Battery Removal
  • Unobstructed Antenna Access
  • Total Data Port Access
  • D-Rings for shoulder straps
  • Attaches directly to MOLLE gear and/or Plate Carrier
  • ITW TacTogs secure radio inside pouch
  • 0.8 LBs or 14 oz
  • Additional webbing for attaching accessory pouches
  • Side cinch straps tighten radio inside pouch to prevent unnecessary movement