Instant-Access Frag Grenade Pouch

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When you need a grenade, we assume you need it now.

Other grenade pouches force you to use your fine motor skills to access a frag grenade. On the other hand, by combining a large Grab-Tab and a Single-Flow Directional Pull Release we are able to put a grenade in your hands that is ready to throw – immediately. Forget standard pouches and get back in the fight.

- Fastest access grenade pouch available anywhere
- Large Grab-Tab allows you to access grenade without looking at your pouch
- Occupies an average of 1” less real estate on your gear than competitive grenade pouches
- Pouch also holds MBITR & PRC-152 batteries
- Two separate security snaps allow you to access the grenade in the more traditional & deliberate manner—if time permits

“Instant Access” means that this pouch has gone through our OODASYS™ design process to ensure that this product reduces your heads-down time when maneuvering on the enemy. In other words, the Instant-Access Frag Grenade Pouch helps keep your focus on the enemy where it belongs.

Additional Features/Specs

  • Large Grab-Tab
  • Single-Flow Directional Pull Release
  • Releases into Palm
  • Small profile
  • Holds Intersquad radio batteries too
  • Weight: 0.12 lbs or 1.92 oz