Instant-Access Flash-Bang Pouch, Double

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Only available in Multicam and Coyote Brown.

High Ground finally brings Instant-Access to the Flashbang.

Stacked right next to each other, you can now toss two bangs in the amount of time it normally takes to toss one. And you never need to look down at a pouch to access one.

Other grenade pouches force you to use your fine motor skills to access a crash. But by combining a large Grab-Tab and a Directional Pull Release we are able to put a crash in your hands – immediately. Forget standard pouches and get back in the fight.

- Fastest crash pouch available anywhere
- Large Grab-Tab allows you to access flashbang without looking at your pouch
- Occupies an average of 1” less real estate on your gear than competitive grenade pouches
- Two separate security snaps allow you to access the grenade in the more traditional & deliberate manner—if time permits

Additional Features/Specs

- Large Grab-Tab
- Single-Flow Directional Pull Release
- Releases into Palm
- Small profile
- Weight: 0.12 lbs or 1.92 oz