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Tourniquet TACO
The Tourniquet TACO® is designed to retain most windlass tourniquets on the market. This pouch is built to expand and contract like the rest of the TACO® family to fit your needs and preferences.
  • Built from heavy-duty nylon
  • Unique, adjustable shock cord design allows for the use of most windlass-style tourniquets, such as SAM® XT, C-A-T®, SOF®TT, and SOF®TT Wide tourniquets, in one pouch
  • Streamlined interior prevents snagging
  • Removable flap allows covered or open-top use
  • “Hand-up” flap design lifts TQ up when opening to make it easier to grab under stress
  • Loop fastener panel on front for label patches
  • Includes “TQ” patch
  • Four rows of laser-cut MOLLE provide flexibility to mount 1” up or 1” down
Kydex Tourniquet TACO
The Kydex® Tourniquet TACO® is designed to retain windlass tourniquets on a belt, rig or bag using the unique properties of Kydex®. Comp-Tac® uses airline-grade Kydex®, which has a smooth inside finish, is resistant to sweat and solvents, and provides a material that won’t damage the tourniquet, or the platform it’s attached to. Combining Comp-Tac’s® Kydex® manufacturing capabilities with HSGI's® versatile TACO® design provides users the best of both worlds in manufacturing and use.
  • 100% aircraft-grade Kydex® body gives a smooth finish for easy insertion and draw (.080 thickness)
  • Unique shock cord design allows for the use of most windlass-style tourniquets, such as C-A-T®, SOF®TT, SOF®TT Wide and SAM XT tourniquets, in one pouch
  • Kydex® does not hold water and won’t add weight from rain, humidity or sweat
  • TACO® hole pattern allows for stacking two pouches in the space of one
  • Designed to match the look of the HSGI® Polymer TACOs® and Kydex® Handcuff TACO® for a seamless look on the belt
  • Can be mounted to belts up to 2” or MOLLE with included two HSGI® Universal Clips
  • Includes separate red medical cross decal
Kydex Tourniquet Shirt Shield
The Shirt Shield for the Kydex® Tourniquet TACO® is the perfect accessory for those who carry a tourniquet with aggressive hook fastener. The Shirt Shield comes with two longer screws to allow the shield to be easily attached to the tourniquet blocking the hook from contacting and causing wear to uniforms, polos or other shirts and jackets. Made of 100% aircraft-grade Kydex® the Shirt Shield comes in all the same colors as our popular Kydex® Tourniquet TACO®To Install:
  • Remove the top two screws holding the clips to the body of the TACO®.
  • Insert the Shirt Shield between the nylon backing and the body of the TACO®.
  • Insert longer screws through the washer, through the nylon through the Shirt Shield and into the Chicago nuts set into the body of the TACO®. *** Recommended to treat screws with Blue Locktite or clear nail polish to avoid screws becoming loose.***
  • Hand tighten.
247 Trauma Wrap
This medical ankle wrap is designed to carry essential supplies to stabilize a gunshot wound.
  • Designed for one tourniquet, combat gauze, compact compression bandage and nitrile gloves
  • Expandable storage will also fit chest seals, gauze and a clothing cutter, if desired
  • Glove pocket on elastic strap folds flat when not used
  • Neoprene padding behind tourniquet pocket protects ankle from hard contact with tourniquet and adds grip
  • Features breathable spacer mesh for comfort
  • Elastic strap offers adaptable fit over the ankle or a boot
Bleeder / Blowout Pouch
Designed to hold medical gear and grant immediate access to medical shears.  
  • Dedicated rear slot for medical shears, secured by strap and snap
  • Main pouch utilizes quick-pull interior strap to aid in one handed removal of contents  
  • Laser-cut MOLLE on sides  
  • Flap allows user to engage either a side release buckle, hook and loop closure, or both
  • Grommet on bottom for drainage
  • Available in MOLLE and Adaptable Belt Mount attachment options (MOLLE version includes two HSGI® Long Clips)
  • ABM version can mount horizontally to belts up to 2.25"

M3T (Multi-Mission Medical TACO)
This fully ambidextrous medical pouch allows numerous mounting options for versatile and adaptable applications.
  • Mounting options on PALS or up to 2” belts in a vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Dual-tourniquet, quick-deployment pockets with ambidextrous access and pull tabs
  • Internal “Med Slides” fit many IFAK inserts
  • Adaptable with various brands of medical inserts & trays
Med Sled (M3T Replacement Insert)
These Med Sleds allow for a quick and ambidextrous deployment of the medical contents of an M3T.
  • Replacement part for the M3T (Multi-Mission Medical) TACO®
On or Off Duty Medical Pouch
The O3D Medical Pouch is designed for the every day carrier, uniform patrol officer, or military member that needs a basics only kit readily accessible with a small footprint. The O3D provides an “essentials only” package that is feature rich in options.
  • Ambidextrous
  • Mountable on belts ranging from 1.5 “ to 2.25”, including duty leather/nylon, dress belts, EDC belts, and PALS/MOLLE systems
  • Easily deployable and/or removable to pass to a partner when belt mounted
  • Additional external glove pouch for non-medical glove needs
  • Ability to carry a primary tourniquet (SOF®TT-W / C-A-T) at the ready and immediately deployable
  • Will fit components of various manufacturers to facilitate TCCC protocol treatment.
  • Loop fastener panel to adhere medical marker if desired
Medical Patch Combo
Two 1.25" x 1.25" PVC patches for medical and tourniquet pouches. Available in three colors.

Medical Cross Patch
A 1.25" x 1.25" PVC patch for medical pouches. Available in three colors.

Tourniquet Patch
A 1.25" x 1.25" PVC patch for tourniquet pouches. Available in three colors.

Adhesive Red Cross Decal
This pack of five Medical Cross decals is designed to fit perfectly on our Kydex® Tourniquet TACO®.

Covered by HSGI's® Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA. HSGI® Clips included.